Finished another successful mission trip. We had 5 evangelists and one pastor come on a mission trip with us. It was amazing since they came expecting good things and what they saw was great God things. Life is good and God is great. I am preparing for a team of 40 and another team of 8 in June. Below is a video of the last trip. We ministered to 6,000 people in one week.

We are advancing greatly, but there are some things that we are still in need of. One of those items is a riding lawn mower with a bagger. We want to collect up the grass clippings to feed the animals and it is so much that we need a rider. The animals produce the food to feed the widows and orphans. It is $2,649 for a new one that can cut the entire airstrip and feed many animals. This is a name brand with a 23HP engine. I have the school bus seats removed all ready to transport the mower. If someone has a used riding mower with bagger we would gladly receive it or if someone could sponsor one.  We also need a complete solar system for our mission base. Our electric bill is $370 per month for our mission base. Which is a expense that we cannot afford anyway. We need a sponsor to add a complete solar system to our mission base. In Guatemala we pay 380% more than you pay in the states per kilowatt. This auction is selling a kit that will go for $5,500. Now is the time since I am bringing a bunch of supplies that will be brought down by trailer. Also I am looking for someone to go with me on such a big trip to drive to Guatemala. It takes 5-7 days depending on having two drivers. Anyone will do. I would just like someone to go with me on this trip. It would be best to meet up in Chicago  or Texas since it is partially on the way.  No need for a bus license. I am ready to go as early as a week, but would be willing to wait for someone to go with if they could come at a later day.  Friday or Saturday would work best.