Tressa’s story

Every so often God gives us a peek into how the little things we do can make a difference in someone’s life. At the beginning of the school year I often do an activity where each student brings in objects to represent them or something significant in their life. Today a student shared a picture of his first Thanksgiving here in Guatemala where he first met me! This was significant to him as he was new in a country where they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving and needed a taste of the U.S.

Every year we sponsor one or two turkeys,  pack up all our plates, silverware, pots, glasses, serving trays, pans, decorations, and head to the school, CAG. We spend the morning decorating the chapel, cutting out colored leaves, cooking the turkeys, cutting branches and making a Thanksgiving tree. Many missionaries get depressed at Thanksgiving as Guatemala doesn’t celebrate this holiday and missionaries miss their family at this time.  We invite any missionary and their family who would like to come and enjoy a Thanksgiving meal together and then a time of games. This last year I didn’t put on Thanksgiving as I thought it was too much work for something that didn’t really matter. Today I learned I was wrong and am now energized to help someone else either in their transition to Guatemala or enjoy some fellowship with other Americans on an U.S. holiday.