Essential for the trip

  • Get a Passport (USA) Usually apply at the post office unless you need to expedite.
  • Fill out mission trip application. Liability waiver and application must be signed for each person coming. If you do not have a form ask your group leader or it can be downloaded from our web page. Applications are due 6 months before your departure. All youth under 18 must have parent or guardian sign.
  • Buy your flight tickets. Sounds logical, I know, but some folks wait to purchase tickets and in the end, find out that their preferred travel dates are not available. 5 months prior to departure. You can either buy through internet or through our travel agent. If you start with our travel agent continue to work with her. If you find it cheaper on internet tell her. She can buy that ticket as well. We have a reduced rate with her of only $10 per ticket. Call her at: 1(815)969-8123 . Her name is carol with ABC Christian Travel. When you call have dates, names as appeared on passports, and date of birth of each person in your party. She can reserve good deals for 24 hours without a commitment to buy. She prays thought each groups tickets and always comes up with the best deals for God’s glory.
  • Pay your mission trip fees by internet $575 first week and $280 each week after. For us to purchase supplies for your mission trip send fees 3 months prior to departure. One year commitments have different more economical system since you help us maintain and grow the mission.
  • Buy travel insurance. Life Builders has no insurance to cover you. As one cannot anticipate the future, travel insurance is recommended to cover any unanticipated travel costs – lost bags, cancelled flights, medical issues, etc. Our travel agent offers trip insurance as three levels. Airplane ticket, mission trip fees, and or medical accidents. It is between $25-$75.
  • Call your credit to make a trip plan/ debit card company to confirm that your card can be used internationally and at ATM machines. You make a trip plan with the exact dates you will be in the country. All expenses of your trip are included in your mission trip fees, but some have wanted to bless the mission with resources or have wanted to buy nick knacks. Going to the bank takes a long time, but using a cash machine is instant. Make sure you have your four digit pin.