Feeding Body, Soul, and Mind

Vision: To create a center to get people activated into being true disciples of Jesus.

What will it look like?

The Feeding Center consists of a distribution center that will send out food, medicines, Bibles, and Christian material. It will be a facility for mission teams and students to really get activated in ministry. It will have prayer tower that will train people to stay connected to God, housing that will house both people on mission trips and students whom we disciple and send out. There will also be a home for a permanent person to run the program, and a kitchen for feeding and meetings. Programs based out of the feeding center are Bible teaching, widows/ orphan programs, prayer and fasting, and discipleship.

How should we do ministry?

The disciples went out to do ministry and came back. The ministry was everywhere they went. They were filled with great reports to make a difference in this world. We are training people whether coming on mission trips or people who come for our discipleship program to be true followers of Christ. Also the Center will focus on the mind of learning great things that help in life. The Bible says my people destroy themselves for lack of knowledge. As we learn how to take care of ourselves we can make a bigger impact in taking care of others. When we balance out our life in taking care of each area of body, soul, and mind, we are ready to give to others. Intentional discipleship living is what is taught in the Bible as a lifestyle. The Feeding Center is designed to help people become the whole person that God has called them to be. God has called us to be a disciple of Jesus, going out into the world as a natural part of life. Christ called us to do even greater things than Him since he comes to the father on our behalf.

Many are filled with knowledge, but no action. The Bible says to not only be hearers of the word, but doers of the word; going forward to making a difference in this world and doing ministry like Jesus intended, being true disciples of Jesus. Taking care of orphans and widows, healing the sick, casting out demons, making disciples, and learning how to live for Jesus are some of the things the disciples focused on.

What have you done so far?

First it is working with Jesus instead of for Jesus. It is not about burning out for God, but being a burning light for God and always to God be the glory that he has used us. So far we have improved the health of hundreds of thousands by delivering medicines, given 293,000 meals, distributed 1,000 bags of Christian material (original goal 1,000), healed 13,000 (with verification), Led 10,000 to the Lord, saved 100 physical lives, opened 15 video based discipleship programs, put 16 people through drug rehab, and made a transformational difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands. We have helped open many ministries and helped Guatemalans with opening their own. 

What total impact can you foresee?

We are world changers. We believe that vision of challenging people, motivating people, and training people to be true disciples whom will make the impact throughout the world. Our ministry will operate out of Central America and North America. The main places that we will operate in are the USA, Mexico and Guatemala. The Feeding Center we will always take care of about 100 widows and orphans. We will always help with hundreds of thousands of meals, and lead thousands to the Lord. As The Feeding Center is established, we foresee the major impact to be through other people that have come on mission trips or gone through our program.

Can we trust you?

Our ministry has been operating for 18 years on a shoe string budget. We believe that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. We are accountable to use God’s money wisely. Every cent that has come in, we have appreciated and have used for the full extent that is possible. We have made sacrifices because we believe in what we are doing. We make a difference. People are alive today because of our heart for God and our heart for people. 

What does your ministry value?

We are world changers and realize that by having obedient hearts to the great commission and serving the mission we will do even greater works. We value servant hearts in serving a mission. We also value operation of the Holy Spirit in people’s lives. We value family and taking care of them. We value hard work and taking a break. We value great reports of what God is doing is seen as a testimony of what God is doing through all of us as a team.