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If you want to make the greatest difference, you must go where there are the greatest needs. We have just received 5,000 Bibles that we are distributing in Chiapas, Mexico where they murder Christians. We did a campaign there from 2012 to 2015 where we distributed 1,000 bags that weighed 35 pounds. Each bag contained Bibles, Bible study material and Messages of Jesus. Now it has been 5 years and we are doing the followup to encourage and train the churches to continue with the new norms amidst the coronavirus. Many of you know the increase in violence in Mexico due to no jobs from the coronavirus. Attached is the embassy report. We are partnering with Guatemalan pastors to do all the distribution and then we will buy the food for the Mexican pastors when we do the training seminars. This is the time for the church to make a difference when the world is looking for hope. The best way is investing in those that invest in others that have a heart to give and help others. We together are going to make a difference. This entire campaign will be accomplished in three months, so for those that can make a pledge, or do direct deposit we would really appreciate it within that time frame. We we need an investment of $6,000 for the complete project that includes Bibles, food, training seminars and pastoral conferences.There are different ways to donate; if you would like to make the deposit through “Go fund me” the entire campaign is one of the links, you can go to Life Builders web page for a direct deposit or split the pledge by 3 months by making a monthly pledge, making sure you put a note Chiapas campaign. Thank you!

Mexico’s Persecuted Protestants Lack Simple Coronavirus Defense

12 evangelicals held against will for 24 hours, electricity and water cut all because they are Christian
5 families forced to leave home because they are Christina in Chiapas, Mexico
Christians forced to leave home and flee to mountains
Increased kidnappings and crime in Mexico embassy report
Help Pastors that are being killed and persecuted in Mexico

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