The bus is loaded up with donations. Right now I am in Texas where it is really hot and sunny. I am at max weight for both the bus and the trailer. Please be praying for us as we drive through the mountains. We already know there are sections that we will need to get towed through since the incline is so steep. Be praying that we would not break down and that God would give us Divine connections to get through safely and efficiently. Today I pick up a volunteer in Texas that will be driving with me. I am very concerned about finances since it will cost $800 in taxes for bus, $1,300 in taxes for the trencher backhoe, $1,000 for construction material taxes, $1,500 in gas, $250 in tolls, $500 in taxes trailer, $1,300 in permits. It is one step of faith to get the donations and another to get it delivered.  We cross three country borders. It is a 5 day journey from Texas if everything goes well. Please pray that the money will come in since we are crossing through the borders. I ended up needing two tires for the trencher/backhoe since one went flat and they were in bad shape which came to $470. Total cost will be $6,520.