We just had a group of 40 volunteers. In this one week between all  we ministered 16 times, handed out 2,914 color illustrated Bibles, delivered 100 pounds of other Christian literature, gave 960 eggs to widows and gave 1050 pounds wood, Split 3,000 pounds of firewood, and mixed  pounds of concrete block, cement, sand, dirt, trees, stumps, and the list goes on.

Now I am living out at the feeding center and need everyone’s cooperation. The entire feeding center which consists of a distribution center/warehouse and mission house costs $200,000. The warehouse is $100,000 and the mission house costs $100,000 to build. So far for the warehouse  the 65 foot long door was donated and construction has advanced by this past group of 40. We do not have any other construction teams lined up. We do however have 13 Guatemalan workers, when  they finish the warehouse they will move on to the next house they are building.  We need finances now. This is not a shock to you all since for the last year I have been promoting this at the end of each of our videos. I am moving out there until the distribution center is built, So far we have gotten $25,000 of the $100,000 in supplies and cash donated specifically for the distribution center. We still need $75,000. All of this is while we continue to do our ministry that we have built up for the last 16 years.