We have been going forward in ministry making the greatest impact that I never thought was possible. We are helping Guatemala be the greatest light in the world for Jesus. Last week we gave away 680 Illustrated Bibles for children. We preached  in many locations. See the exciting video to witness the great work that is being done.  We have resources to receive Christian material, Bibles, Medicine and food, but have no place to receive them. We need a distribution warehouse out at the feeding center where we will be impacting the nation, so this nation can impact the world. Maybe you have or know of someone that could help us. I will be coming back to the states to get supplies for building a warehouse. One of the things we need desperately is a backhoe under 10,000 pounds. I found one for $4,000 but I didn’t have the money. I already have a way to get the donations to Guatemala. I will be  driving a school bus with a trailer to pick up supplies. Someone also donated an empty semitrailer for getting construction supplies down here. We need metal rods, electrical tubing, underground wire, cement, block, tin, etc. some things could be purchased in Guatemala if the money was donated. To hook up electric is going to cost $1,500, water $600, cement $10,000, drainage $600, recycle tank for water collection $1,000, etc.  What can you do to help us help Guatemalans?