Dear Friends and Family,

It was a great time. We make a difference in this world. Each day we live for Jesus as disciples of Him. Whether we are fixing something, preaching, or having fun with the kids; it is all good. Be praying for our mission. We are in need of one year commitments, and resources to continue to make an impart. We were excited that a pastor invited us to share at the reopening of his church as well as well as delivering our 1,000 bag of Christian material. That means we delivered 10 million tracts. There are only 16 million in the country. We are world changers. As the parable of the talents instructs us to put resources where they will make a difference and for those responsible with resources. We are making a difference and would be honored if you are partnering with us. Right now Tressa needs a car since her car is burning oil. She drives two housrs per day, just to volunteer her time. We want a car that will last many years without breaking down and that is a Hybrid since gas is $3.50 per gallon and our ministry spends $600 per month in gas making a difference all throughout the nation. We are looking at $19,000 for a 2017 model.

The overall project building a complete feeding center costs $200,000. We are looking for a sponsor for the roof of the feeding center. It will cost $20,000 and we are looking at three roof cement pours that cost $875 each. Please pray about these needs.