Yeshua Hamashia. I heard it plain as day. He repeated it five times that he needed Yeshua Hamashia in his heart. This inebriated Spanish man was declaring Yeshua which means “Salvation” in Hebrew. He was claiming he needed Jesus the Messiah in his heart. The savior of the world. I asked him if he had ever been to church before. He said no. I asked him whether he has ever received Christ into his life like Romans 10:9 says, “If you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord you shall be saved”. He said he has never done that and needed to receive Yeshua Hamashia in his heart. So I got to pray with him and lead him to the Lord. He cried as though he were a child when he received Christ. It was a true conversion. He is the man in the red shirt in the video.

One of the things that really touched my heart this trip was a 13-year old boy. He was limp as a noodle. He had a muscle degenerative disease that over the course of time ate away all of his muscle to the point that he was a quadriplegic. The dad said that the medicine was more than he made in a month. The disease cannot be cured, but it can be stopped from the point of when you take the medicine. It was too late for this boy. We are working on contacting manufacturers to get entire diseases stopped in third world countries. It takes time, but we can eliminate certain diseases. This is part of the reason we are building the feeding center for distribution to the entire country.

We also led many more people to the Lord and they have received him As always we help widows and orphans with food and firewood, and training. We have started a new program and are in the 4th week teaching the importance of drinking clean drinking water since many say they just drink the water with parasites in it and live with the stomach pain of getting sick. James says to take care of widows and orphans is true Christianity. We are helping them with the firewood so they are healthy and strong and prevent many diseases.

Also you can see in the video that we are progressing on the feeding center. We get things done, but we could really use one-time offerings and monthly support. This feeding center will be a distribution to the entire country to eliminate country starvation and put an end to avoidable diseases.