Position Description

Life Builders is an evangelical organization based in Guatemala City. This position requires that you live in Guatemala City, and requires a one year time commitment. The first month will be spent in intensive Spanish school. This position does require you to raise your own support.

Project #1: Mission Base Maintenance Project

  • Fix things, or bring things in to be fixed
  • Buy supplies for mission base
  • Run errands on motorcycle
  • Develop a method to keep track of all Life Builders tools.
  • Work on cleaning out the
  • Monitor, maintain, and motivate hired help
  • Help keep mission vehicles in good repair

Project #2: Mission Base Construction Project

  • Help finish construction on base
  • Monitor, maintain, and motivate hired help
  • Monitor progress, keep all Life Builders staff updated on progress
  • Develop to do lists, equipment lists, and materials lists for each area
  • Help get all lights and fixtures operating
  • Keep materials ahead of work projects

Project #3: Mission Base Office Support Project

  • Answering the Telephone/ especially the international line
  • Learning ¨Remember the Milk¨ program to learn of needed tasks to be done
  • Helping with support raising

Project #4: Hanger Based Project

  • Visit Hangar once per week
  • Sweep and organize hangar once per week
  • Pull and Spray weeds as necessary
  • Maintain surroundings

Project #5: Short term mission groups Project

  • To help plan activities and mission activities for short term groups
  • To pick up groceries and other supplies for the teams when they come down
  • To be an information source, and helper for the coming groups
  • Help transport mission groups
  • Help coordinate meals for groups
  • Taking photos and video of teams and for promoting ministry (we are really concentrating this next year of putting a quality video together to get more people on board with the ministry)

Project #6: Feeding Program Project

  • Land preparation (ie. irrigation, removal of tree trunks, and tiling of soil)
  • Organize, Plant, and Harvest the .
  • Construction of secure outbuilding to keep supplies, tooling and equipment
  • Help coordinate the building of a fence around feeding program
  • Go and check on feeding program at least every two weeks

Project #7: Project with school kids

  • Seek financial and prayer supporter for the child
  • Get to know child’s history and write a descriptive paragraph
  • To set up bible study for kids in area and possibly in a village
  • To set up bible study for adults in area and possibly in a village

Project 8: Prayer Support project (last, but most importantly)

Have a solid base of people praying for you to protect you during your time with us. Also make sure to take some time to study scripture, and read uplifting material.

Additional Details:

Location: Guatemala City, Guatemala, Santa Fe Mission Base. Santa Fe is an impoverished neighborhood to the South of Guatemala’s international airport (pop. 35,000) in one square mile. This community suffers from poverty, lack of jobs, theft, substance abuse, family abuse.

Facilities: The candidate would be housed in the four story mission base. The facility is a new facility with dorm style housing (all inclusive and fully furnished with a complete kitchen facility and laundry) with beautiful panoramic views of active volcanoes

How to Apply:

Please send resume, three references along with a cover letter of no more than 2 pages to admin@lifebuildersinternational.org .

Within your letter, please respond to the following:
1.Why is Lifebuilders International’s mission of interest to you?
2.How do your experiences, personal strengths and leadership abilities prepare you for this position?3.Describe your involvement in a project you lead including the steps you took to accomplish it succesfully and how you have managed to overcome any obstacls you encountered

No phone calls or emails other than as specified above please