Position Description

This position allows you to live in Guatemala City and requires a one-year time commitment. We are looking for someone permanent, but one year gives a good idea if missions are for you or do a leap year to help a mission that really needs the help. This position does require you to raise minimal support. We can however offer a free house to stay since this position would allow us to move out to the feeding center. You would be responsible with your own food and personal expenses, but we would pay for all ministry expenses. Some of the coordination helps us keep finances in a healthy state, but ultimately the mission will make sure there is enough finances to keep the ministry operating.

Area #1: Mission Base Maintenance

  • Coordinate the Fixing things, or bring things in to be fixed
  • Coordinate the purchase of supplies for mission base
  • Run errands or send others on errands
  • Develop a method to keep track of all Life Builders inventory
  • Monitor, maintain, and motivate hired help
  • Hosting guests for generating income for feeding center
  • Coordinate the repairs of mission vehicles at repair shop
  • Create list for all supplies need to keep operating
  • Keep all Life Builders staff updated on progress by having morning meetings
  • Develop to do lists, regular maintenance lists, and materials lists
  • Coordinate materials ahead of workers coming for repairs

Area #2: Mission Base Office

  • Answering the Telephone especially the international line
  • Motivate and organize office staff
  • Create lists in ¨Remember the Milk¨ program to prepare needed tasks to be done of workers
  • Helping with organizing presentations that the mission can present for fundraising
  • Help write norms that the mission will use for future missionaries and Guatemalan workers

Area #3: Hanger Based

  • Coordinate the regular maintenance of workers to the Hangar which includes maintenance, cleaning, and coordination of flights

Area #4: Short Term Mission Trips

  • To help plan and participate in mission activities for short term groups that come to Guatemala
  • To be an information source, and helper for the coming groups
  • Help coordinate transport mission groups
  • Help coordinate meals for groups
  • Taking photos and video of teams and for promoting ministry (we are really concentrating on putting quality videos together to get more people on board with the ministry)

Area #5: Projects with School Kids

  • Seek financial and prayer supporter for the child
  • Get to know child’s history and write a descriptive paragraph
  • To set up Bible study for kids in area that a Guatemalan would lead

How to Apply:

Please send resume, three references along with a cover letter of no more than 2 pages to admin@lifebuildersinternational.org

Within your letter, please respond to the following:
1.Why is Lifebuilders International’s mission of interest to you?
2.How do your experiences, personal strengths and leadership abilities prepare you for this position?
3.Describe a situation where through your leadership you were able to overcome a situation of conflict?

No phone calls or emails other than as specified above please

Life Builders International Mission Statement:

We are a nondenominational evangelical Spirit-filled Christian ministry with a holistic focus taking care of their mind, body and soul. We emphasize on providing Spiritual education and nutrition in the Lake Atitlan, literally on the airstrip, where you will be based, as well as we are based in the neighborhood of Santa Fe in Guatemala City next to the airport, where the mission is based. We are very evangelistic and discipleship orientated, sharing about Jesus, but also have educational projects, as well projects for bettering humanity through health and proper nutrition. We are a non-denominational, spirit-filled Christian ministry dedicated to bringing the light of Christ to every corner of Guatemala through programs that feed the spirit, soul, and body.