To serve the mission by developing, coordinating and administering an effective and comprehensive ministry to meet the diverse needs of widows, orphans, and children.  To provide leadership to and supervision of staff members and volunteers involved in this ministry.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Develop and coordinate widows programs of coordinating distribution of firewood, water, eggs, medicine, Bibles, and sharing God’s word.

  • Recruit, train and motivate leaders and teachers for women’s ministries such our health programs.
  • Mentor and disciple widows and orphans of the mission, helping them to grow spiritually.
  • Develop and coordinate programs for single mothers of the mission such as:
    • Parenting
    • Balancing work as a single mother
    • Getting a job that will sustain your family
  • Plan and coordinate special interest classes, such as:
    • Cooking
    • Needlework
    • Crafts
    • Gardening techniques, etc
  • Administer the work of the Department of Women’s Ministries by encouraging teamwork and mutual support, and by providing leadership and nurture to staff members who work in the department.
  • Establish departmental goals and objectives by prioritizing related programs, managing the use of facilities, planning an appropriate budget, delegating tasks and evaluating progress regularly.
  • Coordinate mission trips an receive volunteers on site.
  • Attend monthly evaluation meetings
  • Plan and coordinate children’s program once per month inviting all the kids from San Antonio Chacaya and Tzan Chaj preferably coordinated when we have a mission team.


  • Raising your own support
  • Respect for other cultures and value systems
  • Flexibility in the projects planned
  • Preferred Skills and Abilities:
    • Detail oriented
    • Do excellence in all you do
    • Aptitude for long range planning of projects
    • Farming or gardening background
    • Basic Spanish*
  • Female
  • Debt free